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韶关丹霞天使母基金落地 助力独角兽时代强势来袭

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 韶关丹霞天使母基金落地   助力独角兽时代强势来袭
Shaoguan Danxia Angel FOF landed to help the unicorn era’s solemn coming



Recently, the “2017 China Unicorn Enterprise Development Report” issued by the China Ministry of Science and Technology shows, in 2017 there existed 164 Chinese unicorn enterprises with a total value of US$628.4 billion. Unicorn enterprises have incessantly show sharp edges. In the future, Chinese unicorn enterprises are expected to surpass the United States and rank at the top of the world. This trend cannot be achieved without the adjustment of the domestic emerging strategic structure, and capital sources such as the FOF also help unicorns to stand out in market competition.


Under the impact of various favorable political and marketing conditions, the “Danxia Angel  PE FOF” dominated by Shaoguan Government landed in December 2017. "Danxia Angel FOF" aims to seek for a group of high-quality enterprises for investors, nurture unicorns in emerging industries, promote the optimization of private capital structure, drive the transformation and upgrading of domestic industries, and create a new trend of economic development.


With a strong cast of management team and distinctive investment strategy, the total initial phase of this fund is 500 million yuan. This fund is mainly invested in industrial sub-funds and is expected to invest more than 8 direct investment sub-funds within 2 years to reach the total fund scale target of 3 billion yuan at least.



In order to optimize the landing effect of Danxia Angel FOF, accelerate the effective docking of funds for quality projects, tap and cultivate unicorns, the “Summit Meeting of 2018 Global Angel Investment Institution,- ‘Finding the Unicorn’”is going to be held on May 18th. It has received great attention once the conference has been launched. All walks of life are looking forward to how this Danxia Angel FOF will take efforts to make innovation in the future, strengthen the cultivation of Unicorn enterprises, and in turn promote the vigorous development of Shaoguan private enterprises.

据悉,高峰会活动上大咖云集,全球创投界众多实力大咖、领军人物、精英代表以及卓越天使投资机构、创业服务机构、企业、媒体代表等齐聚一堂。广东省韶关市政府代表、大疆科技董事长李泽湘,中国著名的经济学家、投资银行专家何小锋,创东方董事长、总裁肖水龙,Nex3 CEO、前Gsvlab CEO Marlon Evans,众投邦董事长朱鹏炜等将应邀出席。通过主题分享、高端对话以及专题研讨等环节,从趋势、方式、策略、产业方向、行业特点等不同角度解析天使投资领域和区块链应用领域。


As reported, lots of outstanding global entrepreneurial venture capital leaders, leading figures, elite representatives, and angel investment institutions, entrepreneurial service organizations, companies, and media will gathered together in the Summit. Li Zexiang, the representative of Shaoguan Government of Guangdong Province and chairman of Dajiang Innovations Technology Co., Ltd., He Xiaofeng, the famous Chinese economist and investment bank expert , Xiao Shuilong, chairman and CEO of CDF-Capital Co., Ltd. , Marlon Evans, CEO of Nex3 and Former CEO of Gsvlab, and Zhu Pengwei, chairman of  ZhongTouBang State, etc., will be invited to attend . By conducting activities such as topic sharing, high-end dialogues, and seminar discussions, the areas of angel investment and blockchain applications will be analyzed from perspectives of trends, methods, strategies, industry directions, and industry characteristics.

By that time, the results of the “Finding Unicorn” series will be solemnly announced. Shaoguan District Angel FOF Town will also be officially launched. The  “Finding Unicorn” campaign has received active attention and participation from the very beginning. On the day the results released, the awarding organizations for 10 millions of investment funds will certain to be spotlighted. The establishment of Shaoguan District Angel Township is expected to effectively lead social capital to be invested in local key industries and cultivate emerging industries, accelerate resource integration, combine mergers and acquisitions, improve Shaoguan's financing environment, and promote the optimization and upgrading of industrial institutions.

How to catch the most cutting-edge information and development in the venture capital industry? How to GET insight into the next unicorn in the industry? How to PREEMPT the blockchain application area? This global feast will offer you a satisfactory answer.

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